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Defending College Students Against Criminal Charges

An arrest can seriously impact a student’s ability to continue their education. Not only might they face criminal charges, but their university may also take administrative action against them.

Our founding attorney Michael Cimasi has the necessary experience to protect your rights in and out of court. He has extensive experience defending clients in the greater Amherst area against criminal charges. Mr. Cimasi is also an adjunct professor at local universities. He understands the mindset of a college student, as well as how universities work in their administrative hearings. His combined experience gives him a unique perspective to your situation and gives you the advantage of knowledgeable representation.

Representation You Can Depend On

Universities have a much lower standard of proof to punish a student than the state of New York does. Many schools do not provide a presumption of innocence if a student is accused of violating the code of conduct. These hearings could result in a variety of adverse actions, including suspension or expulsion.

Mr. Cimasi has the skill to protect college students both in the courtroom and in administrative hearings regarding charges of:

  • Minor in possession of drugs or alcohol
  • Supplying alcohol to minors
  • Drug charges, including possession
  • Misdemeanor or felony assault
  • Public drunkenness
  • Public urination
  • Sexual assault
  • Theft

At Cimasi Law Office, we provide responsive and convenient representation at every step of your case. Along with the criminal defense of college students, we also defend medical professionals before licensing boards for similar offenses.

Remember, you always have options, and you only have the rights you can protect. It is essential to contact an attorney to safeguard those rights and your future.

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