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How can you protect yourself after a drug charge on campus?

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense

When you moved into your dorm for your first year of school, your thoughts may have been, “Finally, I’m free!” You may have felt you could do whatever you wanted or come home at any time of the night or morning. You may have also considered enjoying a recreational drug in your dorm room.

You may want to resist the thought of using drugs in the dorm. New York universities treat student drug offenses seriously. Using or drinking in your dorm room may be a breach of the university code of conduct.

How a New York university may treat a student’s drug offense

Alcohol may be considered as a drug. You may be 18, so enjoying a few drinks in your dorm may not be viewed in a positive light by campus authorities. If you become visibly intoxicated, your situation may be worse.

You may be arrested and charged with underage drinking. Your university’s authorities may treat your actions more severely because they are responsible for the safety of you and your fellow students.

If you have been accused of a drug crime, take the charges seriously

Take your arrest and the charges seriously. After being charged and arrested, the university may begin the expulsion process. Your university may view student drug offenses as potential bad publicity, which they do everything they can to avoid.

Speak to the arresting officer and find out exactly what the charges are. Learning more about the drug charges you may be facing may give you the insight you need.

Will an arrest or conviction on drug charges affect your future?

The charges you may be facing may have a definite impact on your educational plans and, possibly, your career goals. Your university seriously views its responsibility of guiding you as you adjust to living independently.