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Making your own drugs can have serious consequences

by | May 18, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Some people who would never consider making meth in their home or other property try their hand at making other drugs. They may put a twist on an illegal drug to make it more potent or have a different effect. They may even find a way to make a hallucinogenic drug of some sort using a mix of legal ingredients. Sometimes these ingredients can be found in the grocery store – like cleaning products, for example. Others can be ordered online.

Among the drugs or variations on drugs made in makeshift labs are LSD, GHB (commonly known as a date-rape drug) and other psychedelic party drugs. Amphetamine-type stimulants are sometimes made in these amateur labs as well. Recipes can be found online, but sometimes people like to experiment with their own concoctions. 

The dangers of homemade drugs

These drugs can present a serious danger to those who take them. People may think they’re getting one type of drug when they’re actually ingesting something very different – possibly with toxic ingredients. Others don’t mind the risk of knowingly taking a homemade drug, but that can have tragic consequences.

Manufacturing drugs can present a danger to others besides the people who take them. While meth labs are well known for exploding and catching fire, many other ingredients can do the same and cause serious wreckage and injuries in the area surrounding a property.

How making homemade drugs violates New York law

In New York state, manufacturing a controlled substance, which includes hallucinogenic substances, stimulants, depressants and more, is against the law. In addition to facing charges for manufacturing a drug, you can face charges for just having the equipment to do so and for having “hazardous or dangerous material.”

If you or a loved one is facing charges for manufacturing drugs – even if they weren’t going to be sold or distributed – you could be dealing with serious criminal penalties. Don’t try to be an amateur lawyer. Seek experienced legal guidance, instead.