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Why would someone lie about domestic violence?

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Your partner accuses you of domestic violence. You’re stunned. Not only do you know that you never did anything wrong, but you just cannot understand why they would lie about it in the first place.

There are many potential reasons. Maybe your perspectives on what happened are simply different. Maybe they are doing it out of spite. Maybe they want to get a divorce and they’re looking for an excuse. They know they don’t need a reason to end the marriage, but they want one so that it seems more legitimate to friends and family members.

Divorce and child custody

If you have a child together, one thing to consider is that a domestic violence accusation can be very serious when you end up in court. Generally, courts favor shared custody. They want both of parents to be involved in raising their children, and they’ll only deny that if it is in the child’s best interests.

Therefore, your partner may be looking for something they can use in court to get sole custody of your child. They know that it will influence the court. They think this is what will give them the edge.

This isn’t to say that all allegations are based on lies or that people make them up with ulterior motives. However, since you know that is happening in your case, this can help to shed some light on why it may be happening.

At a time like this, with your future and your relationship with your child on the line, it is very important to know what legal rights you have. An experienced attorney can help you work to protect your rights.