Whether you run a red light or get pulled over for speeding, it’s an unpleasant experience to get a traffic ticket and have to pay the fines. Although most people don’t fight traffic tickets, it doesn’t mean you deserved to get the traffic violation. You have the right to go to court for a traffic ticket if you feel that you’re innocent. If you head to court, the prosecutor will attempt to prove that you were speeding or otherwise violating the law. An attorney may help you look into traffic procedures based on the city or county where you received the ticket.

Should you go to court for traffic tickets?

Going to court for traffic tickets may be necessary if you believe that you’re innocent. It can remove the infraction on your driving record and prevent your insurance rates from increasing. You’ll need to research speed equipment and look into the method the officer used to track your speed. You may also need to make witness arrangements and plan the questions you’ll ask the issuing officer on the court date.

You can also head to court to attempt to negotiate the penalty. Avoid ignoring the ticket because it can lead to more severe consequences if you fail to pay or contest it. In some cases, you may agree to attend traffic school to remove it from your record.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you believe you’re not at fault for a traffic ticket, contact an attorney to assist you with removing the points on your record. The legal professional may inform you of your rights, review the evidence and help you build your case to increase the chances of the outcome working in your favor.