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Defenses that people might use when accused of assault

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Criminal Defense

If an individual in New York is falsely accused of domestic abuse, the accusation can have severe ramifications in the person’s life. They might lose custody of their children or be placed at a disadvantage during divorce proceedings. They might also risk losing their job and suffer from damage to their reputation. Fortunately, if an individual has been falsely accused, they may have the chance to argue their case in court.

What are the defenses for people who have been falsely accused?

People who have been falsely accused of domestic violence have a few different options for presenting their defense. If they were wrongfully accused of abuse committed by another person, they can offertheir alibi and provide evidence that the other person was responsible. They can also point out inconsistencies in the other party’s story to show that the allegations are false and should be dismissed by the court.

In some cases, the individual might argue that they acted in self-defense if the other person attacked them first. Alternatively, they might argue that the other party doesn’t have enough evidence to prove that abuse took place.

Where can an individual go for assistance with false allegations?

Suppose an individual has been falsely accused of domestic violence, drug trafficking, driving under the influence, committing fraud or another criminal charge. A lawyer may help them point out the flaws in the other party’s story to prove that the accusations are false. The lawyer might also help their client provide evidence to show that the client couldn’t have committed the crime in question.