The arrest of two people in upstate New York on July 13 allegedly led to the discovery and seizure of controlled substances and more than $20,000 in cash during a residence search in Gates. The 62-year-old man and 41-year-old woman each face more than a dozen felony drug possession counts. The man has been denied bond and is being held at the Monroe County Jail. The woman was released under New York’s recently passed bail reform laws.

A warrant to search the couple’s Silverlight Way residence was obtained after a Gates Police Department officer allegedly interrupted them as they were making a drug transaction near a business on Buffalo Road. The couple was taken into custody at the scene of the alleged transaction without incident according to media reports.

The controlled substances discovered during the residence search are said to include more than 11 grams of cocaine, about 450 alprazolam tablets, 157 oxycodone pills, 73, Diazepam pills, 202 tablets containing hydrocodone, 21 OxyContin tablets, 20 Amphet Salts tablets, 148 packets containing the painkiller buprenorphine and the overdose medication naloxone and about 3 grams of marijuana. Investigators also claim to have seized a pump-action shotgun, approximately $22,000 in U.S. currency and two Cadillac SUVs. The alleged discovery of the shotgun led to an additional charge being filed against the man as he is prohibited from possessing firearms because of a prior felony conviction.

Prosecutors presented with facts like these may be willing to drop many of the charges filed by police in return for a guilty plea to the main count and a swift resolution. Criminal defense attorneys with experience in cases involving drug charges could seek to convince prosecutors to make further charging or sentencing concessions by bringing mitigating factors to their attention during plea discussions.