Many New York residents take a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge seriously. However, when it comes to getting a traffic ticket, most people shrug them off and pay them just to move on with their lives. The problem is that could end up being a mistake since receiving enough points on a driver’s license within a certain amount of time could result in a suspension, which would definitely disrupt their lives.

When Amherst residents take a trip downstate and into the city, they could end up getting a cited for a traffic violation in one of the five boroughs. When that happens, it would be prudent to deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible. It may seem as though simply paying the ticket would do that, but again, it could have unforeseen repercussions. Individuals can plead not guilty, which would trigger a hearing in a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau in front of an administrative law judge.

Of course, the first step is to make sure no deadlines are missed. Failing to take action on a traffic ticket within the prescribed time results in a suspension of the individual’s driver’s license and the entry of a guilty verdict against him or her. Individuals who decide to plead not guilty retain the right to be presumed innocent unless proved guilty by clear and convincing evidence in court. This is a lower standard of proof than for criminal offenses, which means it takes much less proof for a conviction to occur.

If an Amherst resident receives a traffic ticket in New York City, it would be wise to take it seriously. Anyone with questions regarding how to proceed may want to contact an attorney with experience in this area. It may be possible to reduce or even dismiss the citation in order to avoid any negative repercussions.