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Drunk driving charge brought against driver with child in car

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Dui

Getting pulled over by a police officer can certainly cause anyone’s heart to skip a beat. When the officer seems to suspect something illegal taking place other than a simple traffic violation, the traffic stop can easily become more nerve-wracking. In some cases, an officer may request for a driver to participate in field sobriety tests, and the results could lead to a drunk driving charge.

This type of dilemma recently affected a driver in New York. According to reports, an officer stopped the 30-year-old man’s vehicle for undisclosed reasons. The officer allegedly suspected that the man was showing signs of intoxication, but it was unclear what those signs may have been. Nonetheless, the driver participated in field sobriety tests, which the officer says he did not pass.

The man declined to take a breath test, but nonetheless, he was taken into custody. The report noted that there was a child in his vehicle, though the child’s age was not given. The man is currently facing a charge for aggravated DWI under Leandra’s Law. At the time of the report, the driver had been released on his own recognizance.

It can be difficult to face arrest in any capacity. A drunk driving charge can cause considerable issues, and when the charge is aggravated, a driver can have even more complications. This New York driver will undoubtedly want to find the best way to address the specific charges brought against him, and gaining information from local legal resources may help him understand his predicament and his available options for defending against the charges.