It is the time of year when many New York residents have busy holiday schedules. While your work schedule may seem a bit more hectic as you try to reach end-of-year deadlines, you may also have a full social calendar. Work-related functions, get-togethers with friends, and family gatherings may all be on your list of events.

Undoubtedly, you look forward to this time of year and the social interactions that you have. You may be able to get together with friends and family that you have not seen in a while, and even the office party may not be that bad. Plus, you may be able to see some people loosen up after a drink or two.

Are you planning to drink?

Alcohol consumption is common at holiday parties, and you may anticipate going to a bar with friends, having some adult beverage options at the office party or sampling the eggnog at a family party. Because excessive alcohol consumption can have negative effects on your health and your behavior, you may already be thinking about how to handle your drinking during these events, especially if you have multiple functions to attend.

Fortunately, you can help set yourself up for a fun and responsible time with the following suggestions:

  • Start improving your nutrition habits ahead of the holiday party rush. If you are already in the mindset of not consuming empty calories, the alcoholic beverage offerings at a party may not so easily sway you.
  • You can substitute certain ingredients for low-calorie options when having a mixed drink.
  • It is important to drink water between your drinks because it can help you avoid drinking too much and help you stay hydrated.
  • Setting realistic holiday goals is also a smart step. Rather than saying that you will not drink at all, set a realistic limit of one or two drinks.
  • Pay attention to how you are consuming your drinks. If you are downing one after the other while caught up in conversation, you may end up drinking more than intended.

When everyone else is drinking and having a good time, it can be difficult to limit yourself. However, you are responsible for your actions, and if any adverse outcomes stem from your alcohol consumption, such as a DWI charge, you will hold the responsibility for handling that as well.