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Don’t risk charges for drunk driving during the holidays

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Dui

During the holiday season, police here in Amherst and elsewhere are often out in force looking for impaired motorists. They watch for people who may have had one too many drinks at a holiday party or family get-together. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying some holiday cheer, it would be wise to take the steps necessary to avoid charges for drunk driving.

Two primary ways exist for making this happen. The first is for individuals not to drink if they intend to drive. The second is to find a safe ride home if they intend to drink.

A significant number of people lose their lives in the period between Christmas and New Year’s due to drunk driving. The data indicates a reduction in alcohol-related fatalities each year, but any loss of life is unacceptable. For this reason, many taxi companies and ride-sharing companies offer free rides for people who had too much to drink in order to make sure they return home safely.

Safety is a primary concern, but there is also the fact that finding a ride home after drinking prevents the possibility of facing drunk driving charges. Even a misdemeanor charge for a first time offender can have a significant impact on. his or her life. In addition to the potential criminal penalties associated with a conviction, some employers may frown upon any criminal conviction, especially for those whose employment relies on the ability to drive. Other consequences could also unnecessarily complicate an individual’s life.

Amherst residents who do end up under arrest for drunk driving may want to take the charges seriously. It might be easier to simply plead guilty and accept the consequences in order to get through the ordeal as quickly as possible, but doing so could be a mistake that will haunt them well into the future. Instead, it would probably be better to challenge the charges, which often results in the most favorable outcome possible.