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What does it mean to face charges of aggravated DWI?

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Dui

Nearly everyone with a driver’s license knows that driving after drinking is illegal if a person’s blood alcohol concentration reaches or is above the state’s legal limit — which is .08 in most instances. If convicted, an Amherst resident could face criminal penalties that include fines, jail time and more. However, under certain circumstances, the charges can come with potentially much stiffer penalties, which could lead to a charge of aggravated DWI.

For instance, if the BAC of an individual goes above a certain percentage, this charge could result. Other circumstances include prior convictions for DWI, property damage and causing injuries to someone else while driving impaired. When an Amherst resident receives a driver’s license, they consent to participating in an breath or blood test, and refusing to do so might result in this charge as well.

If there is a minor in the vehicle, prosecutors may decide to upgrade a DWI charge to an aggravated one. More factors could play into receiving harsher penalties when charged with an aggravated charge. Anyone facing a conviction for drunk driving will understandably want to take it seriously, but if the charges are enhanced due to extenuating circumstances, it likely needs to receive even more attention.

The criminal penalties for a DWI or aggravated DWI are not the only thing an individual must worry about. A conviction could have significant repercussions for his or her personal and professional lives. For instance, someone who drives for a living could lose his or her livelihood. A person with a professional license could end up before the governing board. Exploring all the potential options as soon as possible could reveal a course of action that leads to the best possible outcome.