Most people here in Amherst and elsewhere tend not to follow the rules of the road all the time. Some people speed, some roll through stop signs and some push the limit when it comes to getting through yellow lights. When police officers witness these actions, they often result in traffic tickets. If not taken seriously, these citations could cost more than just points on their driver’s licenses and fines.

How insurance companies determine drivers’ premiums depends on a variety of factors. One of them is an individual’s driving record. The premiums go up depending on the type of infraction and how long ago it occurred. This determines whether a driver is considered high risk. For instance, a conviction for even a first-offense DUI could increase his or her rates dramatically.

Common infractions such as speeding, improper turns, tailgating and failure to yield could all increase insurance premiums. When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, how much a premium could rise often depends on the severity, nature and fault in connection with the crash. Moving violations tend to receive more weight as opposed to non-moving violations such as parking tickets or expired plates.

Traffic tickets cost Amherst drivers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year. Most people consider simply paying the fine and forgetting about the incident without truly understanding the cost associated with a citation. For this reason, moving violations in particular require immediate attention. It may be possible to prevent points on an individual’s license, the payment of fines and even a rise in insurance rates.