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A DUI conviction costs New York drivers more than they think

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Dui

Being pulled over can make even the calmest New York driver nervous, especially if he or she recently had a drink. If a police officer suspects impairment, that driver could face charges for DUI. If those charges result in a conviction, it could end up costing that driver more than he or she realizes.

Most people are aware that they could lose their license for a certain amount of time, pay some fines, pay some administrative and court fees and maybe even spend some time in jail. What they may not realize is that their insurance rates could rise dramatically. Here in New York, those rates could climb as much as 41%.

Another concern is whether a person’s insurance company will cancel his or her coverage mid-policy. This usually does not happen. However, when it comes time to renew that policy, the company will likely obtain an updated driving record.

At that point, it could refuse to renew the policy. Even if it does not do that, it will most likely raise the rates, which could end up being cost-prohibitive for the insured. Some companies provide less expensive policies for those with DUI convictions, but it is still more expensive than auto insurance without such a conviction.

There are more ways that a DUI conviction could cost a driver. Auto insurance rates is just one problem that many New Yorkers fail to anticipate. It could also affect a person’s work, especially if transportation becomes an issue. For this and other reasons, an individual may want to seriously consider challenging even a charge for a first offense for drunk driving.