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College students face unique challenges when charged with a crime

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Going to college is often the first real taste of freedom that young Amherst residents receive. As a result, they often make mistakes that could interfere with their ability to continue their academic careers. Some of those mistakes result in being charged with a crime, which not only puts them in a position of needing assistance with the criminal court process, but also with the administrative process of the college or university.

Even if the criminal charges filed against your college student do not result in penalties, simply being arrested could trigger the administrative hearing process at the college or university he or she attends. Depending on the outcome, your child could end up suspended or expelled, which could derail any plans for the future. For this reason, these hearings should be taken just as seriously as the criminal charges.

Charges that college students often face usually involve drugs or alcohol, but can be as serious as theft or assault. It may be easy to dismiss the incident as “kids being kids,” but doing so could make it more difficult for your child to move forward in life. A conviction would stay with your child for years to come and could not only disrupt his or her college career, but also cause problems with finding gainful employment or housing in the future.

It may be tempting to let your child learn a lesson the hard way if he or she is charged with a crime, but you risk setting your child on a path that he or she cannot recover from easily. Instead, it would more than likely be better to sit down with an Amherst criminal defense attorney who understands the challenges college students face under these circumstances, including the potential for administrative proceedings at the college or university. Doing so could help your child get back on track toward a bright future.