Few people here in Amherst or elsewhere always honor the rules of the road. Police write tickets for speeding, failing to yield the right of way and other offenses that qualify as infractions and ordinarily do not reach the level of criminal charges. However, one traffic offense, reckless driving, could result in a misdemeanor charge, which has more serious ramifications than an infraction.

Amherst drivers could face this charge if authorities believe they exhibited a wanton or willful disregard for safety or for the consequences of the way they drive. An accident does not have to occur for police to claim that a driver violated this law. A conviction for reckless driving could include incarceration and fines.

Some people may wonder what type of driving behavior constitutes reckless driving. In many jurisdictions, behaviors such as driving at least 25 mph over the speed limit, attempting to evade police and racing fall into this category. Another common driving behavior that could result in this charge is passing on a two-lane road without adequate visibility. Even though a formal arrest does not always accompany this traffic violation, the driver receiving it should not take it lightly.

In addition to the potential penalties associated with this misdemeanor traffic offense, insurance rates could rise and points could be added to the driver’s license or worse. People who drive for a living, such as truck drivers, could face additional repercussions at work. In fact, some could lose their jobs and find it difficult to secure other employment in the same field. For all these reasons and more, challenging the charge is probably a good idea.