Traffic Tickets

Mr. Cimasi provides a full range of vehicle and traffic representation.  

He routinely assists motorists facing speeding charges to minimize or avoid costly points on their DMV record.  Points add up quickly, can increase insurance rates, result in Driver Responsibility Assessments (i.e. fines) directly from the DMV, and eventually can suspend one's driving privileges in New York State.  Past speeding, Mr. Cimasi is experienced in all manner of Vehicle and Traffic Law Violations, both moving and non-moving in nature, which non-exhaustively includes:  Cell Phone/Texting Violations, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, Improperly Passing a School Bus/Emergency Vehicle, Lapsed Insurance, Lapsed Registration, Lapsed/Forged Inspection, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Failure to Yield, Lane Violations, Mechanical Violations, Tinted Window Violations, etc.

For commercial drivers and transportation companies, Mr. Cimasi provides representation against all relevant charges under the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law as well as the NYS Transportation Law (e.g. TRA 1402CII).  He is familiar with Level 1 and 2 Inspections and the NYS DOT Examination Reports generated therefrom.  He has experience  both interfacing with the NYS DOT and representing commercial clients on moving, safety, mechanical, and licensure violations in courts across Western and Upstate New York.  Commercial drivers and carriers risk significantly higher fines and consequences from mechanical/safety infractions and DMV points.  Safeguard your livelihood by obtaining competent and experienced counsel.