DWI Defense

Mr. Cimasi provides competent & affordable DWI defense, and offers expertise in both the criminal court proceedings and the DMV licensure ramifications of DWI (including appeals after re-licensure denial).  He has capably assisted clients across many careers, professions, and walks-of-life.  DWI is costly and can affect your ability to transport yourself for months or years. You need counsel with ample DWI experience and a positive track record.  

Mr. Cimasi is also uniquely situated to assist licensed healthcare professionals (e.g. doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc.) who face DUI/DWI charges. He is familiar with both the criminal court aspect of such cases, as well as the disciplinary process through the NYS Office of Professional Medical Conduct and the NYS Office of Professional Discipline.

After five plus years serving as Director in the legal aid office at the University at Buffalo, Mr. Cimasi is also well positioned to assist both domestic and international students (undergraduate, graduate, law, medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.) facing DWI charges.  Past the highly sensitive criminal court matters, Mr. Cimasi also has significant experience with on-campus disciplinary procedures across the SUNY system and within the private colleges.  Education is a significant investment in your future.  If you are charged with a DWI that reverberates on your student-status, safeguard your investment by obtaining an competent counsel familiar with both the criminal courts and university Judicial Affairs and administrative hearings.